Carbon Fiber Tube

tube de carbone composition 1K

Roll Wrapped Carbon Fiber Tubes

Acen carbon fiber offers various roll wrapped carbon fiber tubes for different applications.

Largest ranges of carbon fibre tubes available -- The minimum inner diameter
3.5mm and max ID reach to 180mm, the length can be more than 2600mm. In general,the carbon fiber tubing made from Toray T300 100% real carbon fiber prepreg fabric.

Of course,we can also choose high modulus
Toray T700 or T800 carbon fiber fabric to meet clients' special requirements.carbon fiber wrapped aluminum tubing and aluminum joints are vailiable.
Colored Kevlar or forged carbon fiber tubes also can be offered.

We produces round,square,rectangle,oval,elliptical,octagon,hexagonal and custom made carbon fiber tubes and profiles.Die cost can be returned based on order quantity

wall thickness 5mm carbon fiber tubes.JPG

Thick wall thickness CF  Tube

Large diameter carbon fiber tube pipe pole.png

Large diameter CF Tube

carbon fiber conical tubes

Tapered CF  Tubes

carbon fiber rectangular tubing.JPG

Square carbon fiber tubes 6mm 10mm 14mm 20mm 25mm 30mm 40mm 1/4 3/4 1inch is available.

Custom made square/rectangular tubing based on clients' need.

High glossy , matte finish ,twill weave and plain weave for choosing.

CNC cutting service 

Logo printing service


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Carbon fiber tubes are used in numerous applications over traditional materials such as aluminum, steel and titanium.

 Roll wrapped prepreg carbon fiber tubes -- are ideal choices for using as go-pro poles,telescoping poles, inspection poles, hookah Pipes,automotive parts,robotics arms,idler roller and UAV frame due to its high stiffness and light weight characters. Additionally,colored Kevlar or forged carbon fiber tubes also can be offered

Large Diameter Carbon Fiber Tubes -- are usually used for telescope projects, light weight drums' shell or other projects which need high stiffness and light weights components.

Carbon Fiber Conical Tubes -- are usually used as carbon fiber pool cue shaft,golf shaft,gutter vacuum cleaning system etc. 

Carbon Fiber Pipes
Bipod Tripod 

CNC cutting carbon fiber pipes for assembling as bipod tripod frames,hiking poles,detector poles,telescopic poles etc.

carbon fiber pipes for bipod tripod carbon fiber tubes manufacturer

Can you offer us the custom cutting your carbon fiber tubes?

Of course,we can! We can cut carbon fiber tubes to your specified length,holes,threads.  

Need a custom-made carbon fiber tubing now?

Don't hesitate to contact us.We are the right manufacturer who can create carbon fiber composites tubes in any shape or size,and cutting tubes to meet clients' exact specifications.

Can i choose other surface?

Yes,there are also 6K 12K , 3K+ UD etc. for choosing. You can also tell us what kind of weave you prefer.

We will try our best to meet your requirements.

Carbon fiber pipes 3K and UD.png
yellow fiberglass fabric for making carbon fiber pipes
blue fiberglass fabric for making carbon fiber pipes
Silver fiberglass fabric